Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DJ Mystro & Max B presents Keep It Wavy Vol. 5

The Max B craze continues with yet another tape. It remains to be seen if he will ever officially release a studio album, but at least he keeps the listeners flooded with material. Max will always be cool with me because of that comedic performance he put on in that Jim Jones DVD (when Byrdgang was POPPIN')...

"She had me cryin' bossman...like Frankie Lymon.."--Max B

1.)MAX B.ft.50 CENT-Life In Heaven (Massive Trip remix)
2.)MAX B.ft.FRENCHIE-Sip Grand Cru
3.)MAX B-Bigga Make Me Cum
4.)MAX B-Distrub Money
5.)MAX B-Live Comfortable
6.)MAX B.ft.FRENCHIE-Been Around The World
7.)MAX B-No No No
8.)MAX B-Where Do I Go
9.)MAX B-Chevy Riding
10.)MAX B.ft.MAC MUSTARD-Ready To Ride
11.)MAX B-U Need Security
12.)MAX B-Tattoos On Her Ass
13.)MAX B.ft.AL PAC-American Slore
14.)MAX B-Nike Boots (extended version)
15.MAX B-Freestyle
16.)MAX B-Deez My Streets
17.)MAX B-Harlem Freestyle
18.)MAX B-Crooks & Castles
19.)MAX B-I Just Wanna
20.)MAX B-Nigga To Call
21.)MAX B-Bang Bang Boogie
22.)MAX B-Don Perion
23.)MAX B-Give Them Hoes Up
24.)MAX B-Gotta Have It
25.)MAX B-Have U Seen Her
26.)MAX B-I'm So High
27.)MAX B-Out On Bail
28.)MAX B-Part of My Life
29.)MAX B-Pin The Tail
30.)MAX B.ft.CAMRON-Sipping Grand Cru (Massive Trip remix)
31.)MAX B-Show U How Freestyle
32.)MAX B-Wanna Go
33.)MAX B-Westcoast Wave
34.)MAX B-Why U Do That
35.)MAX B.ft.STYLES P-Kill That Nigga (remix)
36.)MAX B.ft.STACK BUNDLES-Refreshing
38.)MAX B.ft.CLIPSE-Security (Massive Trip remix)

Ride the wave here...

Rumored Tracklisting for Blueprint 3

Not sure how true this is, but it's been floating around the internet all day and I couldn't resist posting. If this is true, BP3 has the setup to be an amazing album. Although, it's a very slim chance that it will be better than the first one, you won't hear me complaining (yea, I know...here's another blogger hyping up a tracklisting).

On a sidenote, I wonder if Eminem will
(que the Nas voice...NOW) "murder him on his own sh*t" again...And for kicks, why couldn't we see another classic collab between Jay, Face and Beanie. But, I'm a grateful person...Jay and Face will do JUST fine.

1. Wake Up New York (Intro)
2. Most Kings

3. Hades (Lucifer Pt. II)
4. Eternal Jewels (ft. Jay Electronica) [prod. by Jay Electronica]
5. Blueprint 3
6. Lucy (ft. Chris Martin)
7. The Audacity of Dope
8. S.L.U. Pt. 2 (ft. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
9. Election Night (We believe in Obama)
10. Just Memories

11. Apostate (ft. Eminem) [prod. by Eminem]
12. Oasis
13. My Brothers Keeper (ft. Scarface)

14. Brooklyn Lost
15. Weeds & Concrete
16. Without Rain

Joe Budden vs. The Wifey

Joey trying to get under his girl's skin...hilarious clip.

More New Exclusives 9/30

Fresh out the Circuit City wrapper...

T.I.--I Know U Miss Me
**iTunes bonus track**

T.I.--Collect Call
**iTunes bonus track**

**So, I stop by Circuit City today expecting to pick this up along with T.I., Kuntry, Thicke & Jazmine Sullivan...none of them were there except Tip. Scarface's final solo album, Emetrius, has been pushed back to Dec. 2 (same day as Jay's).**

Seven Pounds Trailer Will Smith


Joe Budden in the studio

"A little Travis Barker on the side, cause when it all falls down, I normally survive..." WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO SLEEP ON THIS GUY!?!?!? I can't understand that logic for the life of me...when it's all said and done, Budden is gonna go down as one of the nicest to ever breathe air into a mic...that's right I said it...

In this video, Joey gives a tour of Dub's studio. And by the looks of it, homie gets down in the studio. Drums, tambourines, congos, the whole nine. Anywho, on to the last video....

The best news out of these three videos...Halfway House will be here in a few weeks.Start the countdown now...Joey, I don't know if you check this site or not, but keep puttin' out that crack music...some people actually appreciate greatness before it's not there anymore.

Where is my Mood Muzik 2 CD anyway...time to throw that on before work...

New Exclusives 9/30

Go cop the new T.I., Robin Thicke, Big Kuntry and Murs albums today!!!!

**So, I stop by Circuit City today expecting to pick this up along with T.I., Kuntry, Thicke & Jazmine Sullivan...none of them were there except Tip. Scarface's final solo album, Emetrius, has been pushed back to Dec. 2 (same day as Jay's).**

Trey Songz feat. Johnta Austin--First Love
**prod. by B. Cox**

Ne-Yo--Sexy In Here
**not on "Year of the Gentleman**

Jagged Edge--Punching In

Keyshia Cole--No More
**prod. by Duke Williams**

Mario--I Miss My Friend

John Legend feat. Estelle--No Other Love

**"Evolver" might be the best R&B album of the year...still waiting on Musiq and Trey Songz**

Peedi Crakk--Have You Seen Him (Jay-Z diss)

Grafh--Reservoir Dogs Freestyle
**mixtape with Green Lantern coming SOON**

Twista--Swagger Like Us Freestyle

**Not quite as bad as "A Milli" just yet, but it's reaching that level**

Monday, September 29, 2008

Charles Hamilton--Staff Development

The good folks at NahRight dropped it first, so you know Grade A had to follow up soon after. The big homie CH drops what seems like his one millionth tape (you won't hear me complaining). I really enjoy the movement he is creating and with the Demevolist Music Group starting to gain a buzz, the sky is really the limit.

Click here

When is Peyton Manning going to get a script?

I had to take a break from the music thing and post some videos I thought were funny...these two clips prove that Peyton Manning is the funniest man in all of sports...

"It's on like Donkey Kong..."

New Exclusives 9/29

Curren$y feat. Freck Billionaire--Drug Flow

David Banner--When You Hear What I Got To Say
**Banner always drops the truth on records**

Rick Ross--Oprah (remix)

Alfamega feat. Rick Ross, Bun B & T.I.--Uh Huh (remix)

Urban Mystic feat. Yung Joc--Main Squeeze

Charlie Wilson--Musta Heard

T.I. feat. T-Pain--Propane
**Not on "Paper Trail"**

T.I. feat. Trina & Foxy Brown--Whatever You Like (remix)


Fabolous Speaks on the Future

In this clip, 'Loso (in case you ain't know so) speaks on the near future regarding his musical career. Personally, I just want Fab to make that defining album. Call me whatever you want, but I have been a Fab fan for years now and will always remain one.

Classic mixtape/freestyle/guest appearance rapper but he has yet to put out THAT album. But what do I know...

Em, Dre & 50 To Release Albums & Swagger Like Us pt. 2

I really don't know how feasible this is, but earlier today Sha Money XL dropped a bombshell that could potentially be some of the biggest news to hit hip hop in a long time. Instead of me trying to paraphrase what was said, just read the word straight from the horse's mouth...

All I gotta say is,who said Hiphop is dead? or do you wanna kill ya self? Either way,your dead! You can ‘Self Destruct’ now or ‘Detox’ later,either way your gonna feel ‘The Empack‘. The monster is coming,drop your lp’s right now,2009 will not be your year.There coming… This is for the fans,the streets,the clubs,the east,the west,the south,the blogs the whole HIPHOP World!!

From that quote, I hope you realize what what each album will be called, but that's not what's important. I have been hearing great things about this new 50 album (which is good seeing as how he hasn't put out a stellar album in album 4 years). He promises this album to be on the same wavelength as "Get Rich or Die Trying"...let's just hope he lives up to the promise. "Detox" is about as big an urban legend as the silver bullet that hit JFK in Dallas 45 years ago. So if that is even going to get released, I will listen, but I will believe it when I see it. Last but CERTAINLY not least, Em's upcoming album is the one that excites most hip hop fans.

Only time will tell...

OH YEA, in other news, it has been confirmed that Young Jeezy, Nas and Andre 3000 will be on the second edition to the underground smash "Swagger Like Us". Who is going to dethrone T.I. for the hottest verse over this beat...

If you want my opinion (and I'm sure you do), Andre 3K is the only one that will even come close...

Charles Hamilton Introducing Demevolist Music Group

It's an unwritten rule...once you get on, you gotta put you boys on. Charles Hamilton introduces Yung Nate, Sha-Leik, Show Tufli, B.A. on Demevolist Music Group at his Harlem studio in Fredrick Douglas Academy.

Hamilton drops yet another tape tomorrow ("Staff Development")...go to NahRight.com to get it first...or you could just come here...

The Hamiltonization process marches forward....

LMAO at this Janet Jackson performance...

Obviously some random dude on stage having the time of his life with Janet Jackson and loses all swag at the same time...

I-20 ft Ludacris - Really Like Her behind the scenes video

I fucks with I-20...

NAS - Yall My Niggas video...

Gucci Mane - Bricks video...

Ludacris feat. Floyd Mayweather--Undisputed

New video off Luda's new album, "Theater of the Mind", in stores Nov. 25.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Exclusives 9/28

Big Kuntry feat. T.I. & Slim Thug--Player's Lifestyle

Ashanti--All That I Need

DJ Khaled feat. Ace Hood, Piccalo & Rick Ross--Vibin'
**Extended version**

Marques Houston feat. Juelz Santana--Wonderful (remix)

**Bonus track**

Tay Dizm feat. Piccalo & Dolla--Nothin But The Truth

T.I. tracks NOT on "Paper Trail"
Act Like You know feat. Snoop Dogg
I Know U Miss Me

The Game feat. Mars--Through My Eyes
**Recorded for "L.A.X."**

Trey Songz--Live Your Life
**WOW...that's all I can say about dude's grind right now**

John Legend--Good Morning
**CDQ coming soon...this is the song that was playing at the end of the "Green Light" video**



50 Cent--50 For President
**NO DJ**

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Kuntry King--Still Kuntry Maine (Hosted by DJ Rob-E-Rob)

1.  Intro (Feat. Alfamega)                               0:28
2. It's Big Kuntry (Interlude) (Feat. Smitty) 1:20
3. I Forgot To Put The Album Out 3:35
4. I'mma Gee 3:36
5. The Baddest (Feat. Trey Songz) 3:30
6. I'm In It 3:08
7. Str8 Thugs 3:42
8. Killin' It (Feat. Yung L.A.) 3:21
9. Fast Lane 5:47
10. Everything I Love 3:24
11. We Here 3:54
12. The Mobb 2:46
13. Give It Up 2:49
14. That Ain't You 3:44
15. King sh*t 3:46

Click here

New Exclusives 9/27

Max B--Bigga Make Me Cum
**NO DJ/CDQ...yea, I will take my late pass on this one**

Collie Budz--Private Show

Freeway--How I Feel

Charles Hamilton--Ronald McDonald
**"Staff Development" drops Tuesday at NahRight.com**

Yung Joc--Please Believe It

Trey Songz--Bust My Windows

**Jasmine Sullivan cover...Trey is in another zone right now**

My brief impressions on the debate...

Here's several things that stuck out to me that you may have missed (or probably won't be mentioned again) after seeing most of the debate and alot of post debate discussion. I'll keep things light like most of the debate was (not mentioning America's financial BAILOUT situation)...

This seemed necessary for me post before I spew my polictial views. I can see Obama listenin' to this after the debate on the way to the sto to get some cigs & brews...

When both candidates shook hands at the begining. Obama seemed to hold on longer than McCain was comfortable with, signifying to me at least, control.

I didn't notice Obama looking darker like the Morning Joe (on MSNBC) commentators this AM mentioned, nor do I care.

I didn't know McCain was a POW. I'm late.

The mic was still on Obama's comments directly after leaving the podium. He told Mccain "Great job" while McCain shook his hand with no eye contact or verbal response. Weakness or a feeling of contempt for Senator Obama? Afterwards Obama met side stage with Michelle and asked "How did we do?".

I felt McCain was on the attack and had to be. His use of sensationalism combined with his offensive efforts threw Obama off balance in several instances.

Obama was not forced to react recklessly by these attempts. "Nobody's even talkin' about that".

Sarah Palin was not in attendance last night. At a debate party in Philadelphia, I believe.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lloyd Banks & DJ Whoo Kid--The Return of PLK

1. Flat Line
2. 5 And Better
3. Love And Hate/Dont Matter
4. Call It Like I See It
5. Hand Days/RIP
6. Finally
7. 718 Nigga
8. Eminem
9. Its My Time
10. S.O.D.
11. I Am Legend
12. Put It Back
13. Without You
14. Never Enough
15. Fast Lane
16. Hate On Me
17. Another 50
18. Outro
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Bonus: The Game & DJ Haze: BWS Radio pt. 5 Here

New Exclusives 9/26

Well, it's Sept. 26 and I'm still on the road again. Luckily, one of my line brother's let me use his computer to update the site. Here's what we have...

**For the record, I HATE using other people's links...but will have to do until I get back to my establishment**

Rick Ross--Jockin Jay-Z (remix)

Grafh feat. Jim Jones, Bun B, Prinz & Jadakiss--Like Ohh (remix)

Chris Brown feat. Dre--Gold Girl
**prod. by Polow Da Don**

Eva feat. Lupe Fiasco--Slow Down

E-40 feat. Gucci Mane & Bun B

Glasses Malone--F*ck Glasses Malone

Patrick Slump of Fallout Boy--Love LockDown

**More updates coming soon...**

Late Night Funk pt 4...

Haven't been listening to alot of rap lately...

Goapele - Closer (Original video)

Amel Larrieux - Get Up (Lead singer from Groove Theory, from her first solo album)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Exclusvies 9/24 & 9/25

Apologize for the delay...I've been on the road going to job fairs. I wish I could use this as a real job...but the powers that be won't that happen...just yet. The links are courteous of other sites because I'm on someone else's computer.

Trey Songz--What Them Girls Like (remix)

Rick Ross--When I Grow Up (remix)

Rick Ross--Make The World Go Round (remix)

Bow Wow feat. Lil D--Outta Pocket

Charles Hamilton--Runaway Groom

Young Buck--If I Go To Jail

Cam'ron--Still The Reason

**More extensive updates to come soon.

Obama & Late Night Funk pt 3...

The debate will not be delayed...

Anyone remember the first Alicia Keys album?

Alicia Keys - The Life

The Roots - The Notic

Mista - Blackberry Molasses...Bobby V's first group...

Mint Condition - U Send Me Swingin'

Mos Def - Get Ta Steppin' ft. Vinia Mojica

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

UNTITLED Goes Gold...

On September 11th, 2008.

Royce Da 5'9--Bar Exam 2 **NO DJ**

I'm sure this version will be a collector's item in a few years. For all those that wanted the NO DJ version of Royce's latest work, here it is. I can't take credit for this, the good folks at Hear-It-First were the originators of this post. You will find that there aren't any skits on this CD and no mixing by Green Lantern. There is also a bonus track that cannot be found on the original Bar Exam 2 release.

1 - Heat To The Streets (Feat. Kid Vishis) 02:33
2 - Its The New 03:27
3 - Im Me (Freestyle) 04:05
4 - Im Nice 03:58
5 - Gun Music 04:31
6 - Weathermen 05:59
(Feat. Sucka Free And Kid Vishis)
7 - We Deep (Feat. Trick Trick) 03:44
8 - Let The Beat Build (Freestyle) 03:59
(Feat. Strech Money)
9 - Royal Flush (Freestyle) 03:32
(Feat. Canibus And Elzhi)
10 - Jockin My Fresh 03:25
11 - Gettin Money (Freestyle) 03:36
12 - Gangsta (Remix) (Feat. Akon) 03:47
13 - Happy Bar Exam 2 (Feat. Marvwon) 02:56
14 - Ignorant Shit (Freestyle) 03:18
15 - Flow Boy (Feat. Tondalaya) 05:41
16 - Been Shot Down 02:26
17 - Kill Em (Part 2) (Feat. Kid Vishis) 03:17
18 - Wall Street (Feat. June) 02:27
19 - We Everywhere (Feat. Kid Vishis) 03:22
(Exclusive Bonus)

Click here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Exclusives 9/24

Devin The Dude feat. Smoke DZA--Highway
**another track off "Landing Gear"**

Avery Storm feat. Jadakiss--Terrified
**This is the song he mentioned on Rap City the other day**


Freeky Zekey feat. Jim Jones & Lil Wayne--This Girl
**I'm sure Wayne will be the reason 99.8% of fans give this a listen**

Rick Ross--Thinking Big
**It's actually a Ross feature...not sure who the other guy is**

Termanology feat. Bun B--How We Rock
**Never thought I'd hear Bun over a Preemo beat...until now**

Ryan G--Get In The Game

**Over Wayne's "Comfortable" beat**

Ryan G--VA Swag
**HOT..this guy just started rapping like 2 days ago. It's over the T.I. and Swizz beat**

Max B--Public Domain 3 (Domain Pain) **NO DJ**

  1. Paperwork feat. Al Pac
  2. Picture Me Rollin
  3. Chase You Home feat. Al Pac
  4. Let's Go feat. Al Pac
  5. Get Low feat. Al Pac
  6. Bad Whiskey
  7. Chevy
  8. Ready 2 Ride feat. Mac Mustard
  9. Lip Sing
  10. Blow Me A Dub (remix)
  11. White As Now (Grand Cru anthem) feat. Al Pac
  12. I'm G'd Up
Click Here

New Exclusives 9/23

Juvenile feat. Akon--Shawty Got Me Excited
**HOT..although he always sounded better with Mannie**


Robin Thicke--Cry No More
**off the new album**

ATM & T.Y. feat. Chris Brown--Fast Money

Gucci Mane feat. Nicki Minaj, Bobby Valentino & So Icey Boys

B.o.B.--Generation Lost

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne & Trae--Can't Believe It (remix)

Joe Budden & Charles Hamilton--Invasion Freestyle

**HOT...two of the most underrated artists out**

Crooked I--Swagga Like Crook

Timbaland presents The Fall of John D.O.E...The Rise of D.O.E.

1 - Intro feat. Timbaland
2 - Bottom 2 Tha Top
3 - Streets Been Watchin'
4 - The Tortoise & The Hare
5 - Timbaland Speaks (Skit)
6 - The Hottest feat. Precious Paris (Familly Crew)
7 - On The Real feat. Precious Paris (Familly Crew)
8 - Maurice Pobi*ch (Skit)
9 - Apple Juice feat. Precious Paris (Familly Crew)
10 - Bags Packed feat. Kiki B. (Familly Crew)
11 - Still Me feat. Precious Paris & Kiki B. (Familly Crew)
12 - Watchin' Me feat. Joell Ortiz & Akua Taylor
13 - The Fall feat. D. V. Alias Khryst (Nate Hills)
14 - Get High feat. Precious Paris (Familly Crew)
15 - New Sound (Interlude)
16 - Coming Down
17 - Outro feat. Timbaland

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C/O 1998: Banned from TV!

Noreaga ft. Cam'ron, Nature, The Lox and Big Pun


The Cocoon...

Ugh....(Pusha T. )

You Probably Overlooked it anyways...

Google getting more $$$...

T-Mobile, HTC, and Google announced the G1. It runs on Google software and looks to go head to head with the Iphone, but at a lower price point for existing T-Mobile customers like myself. That price? $179.99.


3-Megapixel camera
Slide out OWERTY keyboard
Full integration with Google Services
1 Touch access to Google maps street view, Youtube,Gmail
Track ball for navigation, a full HTML browser, an HTML email client,
Google Talk and Yahoo Instant Messenger + others
Ships with 1GB microSD card, but supports up to 8GB
White, brown and black versions of the device will be available

More New Exclusives 9/23

T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne & Trae--Can't Believe It (remix)

Joe Budden & Charles Hamilton--Invasion Freestyle

**HOT...two of the most underrated artists out**

Crooked I--Swagga Like Crook

Playa Prezident pt 2

This mixtape too funky. This is part two...

07-K.D.-Iye Kontac _Prod. by B-Phlat_ feat. Darrell.mp3

08-K.D.-Southern State Uv Mind _Prod. By B-Phlat_.mp3


09-K.D.-Rydeout _Prod. by B. Kirk_.mp3

10-K.D.-Million Bux _Prod. by B-Phlat_ feat. H.A.M._ 1_t Dagree_ Hollow Tip.mp3


Liquor, Money, and Black People

It's a recipe for stupidity...

New Exclusives 9/23

Ok, so most of these are from yesterday...I'm back on regular schedule today.

Question feat. Trey Songz--Part of Me
**All these Trey tracks will only hype his album more**

John Legend feat. Kanye West--It's Over
**CDQ...best quality I've heard**

Rocko feat. Yung LA--Walk It To Tha Bank

Ron Browz feat. Ludacris, Jim Jones & Juelz Santana--Pop Champagne (remix)


Max B feat. Frenchie--We Sippin' Grand Chu

Omarion feat. Missy Elliot--Boogie Police

Cory Gunz--Evil Deeds

Devin The Dude--Yo Mind
**off Landing Gear**

Lupe Fiasco feat. Q-Tip, Sarah Green & Pharrell--Paris, Tokyo (remix)
**FINALLY, I've been waiting on this for months**

Bow Wow--Father's Day

Bow Wow feat. Soulja Boy & V.I.C.--Marco Polo (remix)

Brisco feat. Ace Hood--Who Don't Like Us

Young Buck--Swear to God (remix)

Cory Gunz feat. Hash--Bouncin'

Monday, September 22, 2008


I know I've missed out on a few drops today...but I traveled across a third of the country today...and no it wasn't fun. Chicago, don't worry, I'm coming back...

Thanks to the good folks at OnSmash...click here...

Big Kuntry King Mixtape Discography

Big Kuntry King - My Turn To Eat Mixtape








1. Big kuntry king-dirty diana
2. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-porsche it out (feat. young dro)
3. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-house that hoe (feat. khao)
4. Big kuntry king-next shit (feat. macboney)
5. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-so real (feat. b.g.)
6. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-mobsters
7. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-finger to the law
8. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-killin em (feat. young dro)
9. Big kuntry king-drama interlude
10. Big kuntry king and slick pulla-gangsta
11. Slick pulla-go (feat. luke ruger)
12. Big kuntry king-reppin time
13. Slick pulla-a million
14. Big kuntry king-controlling the base (feat. t-rilla and ak)
15. Bloodraw-you dont live like that
16. Big kuntry king-drop top chevy
17. Slick pulla-gettin to it
18. Slick pulla-i aint in to that (feat. s.a.s.)
19. Big kuntry king-on that purp (prod. by lil c)



1. Big Kuntry King - Cops And Robbers
2. Big Kuntry King - Forgot 2 Put The Album Out (Prod. By Marvelous J)
3. Big Kuntry King - Da Unda Boss Speaks
4. Big Kuntry King - The Mobb (Prod. By Nard And B)
5. Big Kuntry King - How I Do (Feat. Macboney) (Prod.By Nard And B)
6. Big Kuntry King - Straight Thuggin' (Prod. By Nard And B)
7. Big Kuntry King - Steering Wheel (Prod. By Khao)
8. T.I. - Speaks
9. Big Kuntry King - I'ma G (Feat. T.I.) (Prod. By Nard And B)
10. Big Kuntry King - Anthem (Feat. B.G. And Twista)(Prod. By Nard And B)
11. Big Kuntry King - Crazy (Prod. By 2-Tall)
12. Big Kuntry King - Swagger (Feat. Shawty Lo) (Prod.By Nard And B)
13. Big Kuntry King - Da Unda Boss Speaks About New Single (Da Baddest)
14. Big Kuntry King - Da Baddest (Feat. Trey Songz)(Prod. By Shawty Redd)
15. Big Kuntry King - Sun-Glasses (Feat. Lil 3rd) (Prod. By Nard And B)
16. Big Kuntry King - Killing (Feat. Yung L.A.) (Prod. By Raz)
17. Haitian Fresh - Fast Lane (Feat. Big Kuntry And Rick Ross)
18. Dunk Ryders - Fuck Da Other Side (Remix) 4:51
19. Big Kuntry King - Da One (For The Ladies) 0:34
20. Big Kuntry King - Da One (Feat. Rashad) (Prod. By Black Mob Group)
21. Big Kuntry King - Mixtape Better Than Album (Interlude)
22. Big Kuntry King - How We Rocking (Prod. By Keith Mack)
23. Big Kuntry King - Gangsta Life (Feat. Governor)(Prod. By Khao)
24. Big Kuntry King - Give It Up (Prod. By Black Mob Group)
25. Big Kuntry King - Drugs Changed Everything (Outro)

Forgot to put the album out...

T.I.’s Grand Hustle roster is deep. Ever since the Pimp $quad Click dropped their slept-on group project in 2005, we’ve been waiting for the crew’s most inventive member, Big Kuntry King, to go solo. Well, it looks like we’re finally getting our wish on September 30th, when Kuntry is releasing My Turn To Eat, his aptly-titled solo debut on Atlantic Records .

While Kuntry’s spent almost ten years in T.I.’s shadow, he’s capitalizing on that shady position by dropping his album on the same day as Tip’s Paper Trail. Hopefully this marketing move will bring some new fans to the South’s other King. After listening to the album yesterday, Kuntry gave Complex his track-by-track analysis…

“INTRO” f/ Lil’ Duval

Producer: James “Nard” Rosser & Brandon “B” Rackley
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“The intro is really who Big Kuntry is. Yeah, I play games, it’s funny, I make jokes, but I’m serious. It start off with all the jokes, but the verse is serious. I’m comfortable in my own skin, but I’m not comfortable in this game. This first album is more like an introduction, so I can get this out the way and get to a bigger, broader audience. [Comedian Lil’] Duval been with us since the beginning, since I’m Serious. Met him doing shows in Jacksonville, Florida, and he been ridin’ with us since. He’s in everybody’s damn video.”


Producer: Keith Mack
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“I thug it out a lil bit. When we walk in that club, and ol’ Billy Badass wanna be Billy Badass, but remember pot’na—I’m in the club by myself, but best’a know I got ‘it’ on me. You want to be Billy Badass tonight, you might not make it home. That’s not even for me, that’s for people just to open your eyes up. You might have a safer time in the club because you gotta realize these cats is out there in the club just like that—it’s just their mindframe.”

“DA BADDEST” f/Trey Songz

Producer: Shawty Redd
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“Me and Shawty Redd been trying to get together before he was even doing stuff with Young Jeezy, back when Jeezy was just Jeezy. We always partied together anyway, we just get in the studio and knock out a lot of songs. He just nice with it. When we get together, it just feel right when we make the music together. Redd make alternative music too; he make all different type of sounds that y’all haven’t heard yet, but he got that signature street music. He don’t use no samples, he got that signature sound, but a lot of people copying that sound. But he’s the best one with it.”


Producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“They let me hear a lot of songs like ‘Maybach Music’. But at the time, when I was doing my album I was like, ‘Nah man, that’s not the south homie, I can’t get on that right now.’ At first I didn’t like the beat, and then it just started flowing through. It’s so different, it’s hard. They gave me another beat that I might use for the next album that’s jammin’.”


Producer: Shawty Redd
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“If you feel like it’s [hip-hop] dead, come down here, and you’ll see me getting to the money and we still doing what we doing. It’s almost like modern day racism. It’s already hard being a black man, now I’m from the South, you hate me for that too? Because I don’t drop lyrics like the people you grew up listening to? Whoever your pioneers are are not our pioneers Down South. I’m talking for the South, this is how we feel. We was always rapping for our corner, our block. But now radio stations started saying, ‘We ’bout to start playing what’s in our city,’ and that’s how the South got up.”

“SOUL OF A MAN” f/Ricco

Producer: Keith Mack, James “Nard” Rosser & Brandon “B” Rackley
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“I can’t be more than the soul of a man. I want you to feel me more than a hit song on this record. Do a song gotta be a hit for you to feel the soul of a man? It’s hard for a big company like Atlantic to see what they have, just like it was hard for Arista to see that they had a T.I., Colombia didn’t see they had a 50 Cent. So don’t oversee me because I’m the soul of a man. It’s all G to me, because if you don’t believe in me, that’s more work for me to do.”


Producer: D. Johnson
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“I put this record on there because i was going so hard, I don’t want to lose the ladies. So I told the woman, if your man can’t fulfill your dreams, your dreams will come true over here. Lloyd make it R&B like a mutha, but I try to go against him and be on the same page, and the women eat that up. So if a male scan through that song, they’ll be like, Aww that’s an R&B song. But if they listen to it, they’ll be like, That’s right up my alley. Because that’s how it is.”


Producer: Shawty Redd
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“It’s a real big street song. All that playing, you think it’s a game around here, nah we here. I’m a big boy boss, I’m the big homie, you need to get to know that.”

“FOCUS” f/Young Dro

Producer: Tony Galvin
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“Dro do his thing man, he’s crazy with the wordplay [”Super like Mario/Meatball raviol/29 hundred million, Grandma on the patio”]. Just separating ourselves from the rest. We high, but we focused.”

“POSSE” f/MacBoney & Yung LA

Producer: Marvelous J
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“‘Posse’ might start some fights. I wanted to make something for the real gang bangers out in the street, because I got some friends that do that…not saying they bad people, just saying…Yung LA is futuristic swag. He’s a youngster; he got the young cats behind him. From the beginning, I had him on ‘Going Ham,’ ‘Killin’ Em,’ and we did ‘Ain’t I’ together. After I took him under my wing and had him on shows with me, now he’s getting his own shows.”


Producer: Marvelous J
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“That’s been blazing in Atlanta for a minute, and they still like it like it’s a new song. I put it on there so people that never heard it could catch up to it. Like ‘Going Ham,’ folks just catching onto the saying ‘going ham’. And that’s how my music always been. But I was way ahead of my time, so seven months later, that’s when the song blew up. Just like everybody feeling ‘The Baddest’ now. At first they weren’t feeling it, now they love it. Now shows poppin’ up for that song. I try to make music that’s relevant for now.”


Producer: James “Nard” Rosser & Brandon “B” Rackley
Kuntry’s Commentary:
“That’s a record that’s been out for a while, but the whole world hasn’t heard it. I had to put it on there because it just broke the ice. I took Tip’s hook from a song he didn’t finish. And he was like, “how you gonna take my hook—can I at least say it over?” So I had my producers, Nard and B, make a beat around it. So when folks be like, Tip trying to help Kuntry out on a record like “Shoulder Lean,” it’s not the same thing because I actually took it off a song and put it together.

Kuntry on T.I.’s feud with Shawty Lo…

I’m the oldest, Tip is like my young brother, ya dig. And the thing about [Shawty] Lo, Lo never been no bad person. When he lashed out at Tip with the little underground stuff, we didn’t understand what was going on. Especially when we asked him, ‘What’s up?’ He would be like, he ain’t had no problems. I don’t know if it was a publicity stunt; I don’t know what it is. I just feel like anything a person really do and feel, they’ll check it at the door. But that’s a situation Tip can handle. We handle all situations. I’m not finna addressed that, stick to the G-Code. I don’t live on the internet, I’m not a blogger. You gotta see about me just like you always saw about me, and that’s in the streets. Internet cats can’t get to the street. That’s why it’s not really beef, just the he-say she-say.

Credit: Complex.com

AZ - N 4 L

I liked this cover better.

01. Introduction
02. Knowledge Freedom
03. The Secret (Feat. Charlie Rock & Raekwon)
04. Heaven And Hell
05. 12 Jewels
06. Murder (Feat. Charlie Rock & Starkim)
07. The Teks On Deck (Feat. KC)
08. Negro Spiritual
09. Never Gonna Stop
10. Conspiracy
11. Runaway Slave
12. Nigga Games
13. I’m That Nigga
14. Original
15. I Just Wanna (Feat. Trey Songz, Sheek Louch & Max B)
16. Self Savior


Picking up where I left off...

Had alot of things going on in my life. Now that everything is situated (perfect timing Just) I can hit the ground running.

I thought what better way could I let ya'll listen to the cd that's been my soundtrack for the summer??? I'll be posting a few tracks from this mixtape every hour today ending with quite possibly the BEST use of the AUTOTUNE effect I've heard...I'm talkin bout if PIMP C used the auto tune...anyways here's the first few tracks to start you off.You don't think this is fire, then I don't know what to tell you. Uploaded to zshare so you can listen before you DL...

01-K.D.-Tha Playa Prezident Intro (Prod. by B. Kirk)

02-K.D.-Hate Dat Shyt (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)

03-K.D.-Bitchez, Weed, & Money (Tribute 2 Pimp C) (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)

04-K.D.-Summa _Prod. by B-Phlat _ KD_ feat. FDP.mp3

05-K.D.-Talk Like A OG _Prod. by B. Kirk_ feat. Jackie Chain _ FDP.mp3

06-K.D.-U R (Prod. by B-Phlat) feat. Darrell

3 Deep - First 6 Months

credit:Trill land for the pic

01. all the way
02. i need
03. who i am (im a thug)
04. im in here (feat.foxx)
05. caller 35 n a half (interlude)
06. round here
07. get fucked up
08. im addicted (feat. webbie)
09. realer than me (feat. lil boosie)
10. caller 35 n a half part 2 (interlude)
11. iron chest (feat. lil boosie)
12. da dummy way (feat. lil trill)
13. grown ass man (fuck no)
14. im a jiiggalater
15. flash out
16. aint nothing to it
17. move around (feat. bun b)
18. you my thug-
19. caller 35 n a half part 3 (interlude)
20. watch my shoes (remix) (feat. mannie fresh, plies & webbie)



Just so everyone will know, I will not be updating until tomorrow night. I will be on the road the entire day today driving from Chicago to Richmond. Thanks for you appreciation and look for updates tomorrow night.

Until next time...you stay classy Grade A.

But I can give you this...

Bangladesh feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes--Girls Love Me
**The man who gave you "A Mill" teams up with The Boss and hip-hop's greatest hype man**

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nancy Grace

Sunday Humor


This is the Real Bill O' Riley

2 girls 1 cup reaction

New Exclusives 9/21

Just gettin' back in at 4:00 a.m. and decided to start the day off right...Oh yea, for the record, Cowboys/Packers tonight. LET'S GO BIG D!!!

Boyz II Men--100%
**I'm just as surprised as you are**

Danity Kane--Represenative

Gucci Mane feat. Money Karlo & Rich Boy--She's Just Like My Chevy

Freeway--Hustler's Prayer

Killer Mike--Belly of the Beast

Ne-Yo feat. Nicki Minaj--Miss Independent

**Nicki Lewinsky (as she called herself) jumps on Ne-Yo's smash hit**

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vote Grade A at the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards

Barack Obama and Grade A are the same entity...well sort of. We are the same in the fact that we were both little known before bursting onto the national scene. Granted his national scene and our national scene vary on importance. But enough of that, here is what I came for. Grade A Exclusives were nominated for the "Come Up Award" at this years 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards. We are going up against some of the more known sites such as ThisIs50.com and 2dopeboyz.com, both of which I have a high amount of respect for.

Although winning may be a long shot, I figure why not give it a try. If Obama has the courage to be the first black president...then we can't give it a run in this? All you have to do is click
here and nominate Grade A for the "Come Up Award"...only takes like 30 seconds. I truly believe that 30,000 hits in a month in a half deserves some type of recognition and the people who visit this site deserve ALL of the credit. YOU CAN NOMINATE ONCE PER DAY...AND THE DEADLINE IS OCT. 15...TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND.

Help a brother out and register to vote (for the Online Hip Hop Awards).

Oh yea, make sure you vote in the REAL election in November. In case you haven't heard, it's kind of important this year.

In case you missed that link...click here.

2ew Gunn Ciz & DJ Bedtyme--Tailgating: The 3 Second Rule

  1. Bedtyme's Intro
  2. 3 Second Rule
  3. Dot Com pt. 1
  4. Beautiful Morning
  5. Round & Round
  6. Dot Com pt. 2
  7. Do What I Want To
  8. Spit At U
  9. North Philly
  10. Crush Rock
  11. Drive Slow
  12. Fresh
  13. Crush
  14. Money
  15. Audio Video
  16. One Way (Interlude)
  17. Cold Life
  18. The Last Time
  19. Kill A Whole Lot
  20. Leflaur Leflauh
  21. Dirty South Lesson
  22. Bad Guy Run
  23. Run
  24. Alter Ego
  25. Pretty Brown Eyes
  26. 2ew Gunn Blazin'
  27. Let It Play
2ew Gunn Ciz is my big homie by way of North Philly. Hosted by Remy Ma's DJ, DJ Bedtyme, Ciz gives you 27 track of lyrical venom. Check him out at www.myspace.com/2ewgunnnciz.

Click here

Four Christmases

"Eternity is forever in love with the creation of time"

YySsLl-you'll get it tomorrow

Soul Men

In Theaters November 7

R.I.P. Bernie Mac


Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Oct 31


What Just Happend

Oct. 17


Flash of Genius

When do we give up




New Exclusives 9/20

My thoughts an prayers go out to Travis Barker and DJ AM who were involved in a horrible plane crash earlier this morning. Barker and AM are still alive but in critical condition. The four other people on board were killed.

B.o.B--I'll Be In The Sky
**For those that don't know B.o.B., he is an up and coming artist out of Atlanta. He will be featured on T.I.'s new album, Paper Trail, on the song "On Top of the World" which also features Ludacris. This is his first official single...HOT, will probably remind you of some old Outkast...which is ALWAYS good.**

Ashanti feat. Flo-Rida--Let's Do Something Crazy
**Ehhh...you be the judge**

Remy Ma--Hit Me
**From the upcoming mixtape "BlasRemy"**

Kanye West feat. Malik Yusef & Adam Levine--Promised Land

John Legend feat. Kanye West--It's Over
**CDQ...I think...you be the judge**

DJ Khaled feat. Kasual, Rick Ross & Dre--Sittin' On Top Of The World

**not on We Global**

Yung Berg--Yung Boss or Die Vol. 2

1. Yung Berg - Intro
2. Yung Berg - Who Gonna Get It
3. Yung Berg - Love Ya Baby
4. Yung Berg - Child Of The Ghetto
5. Yung Berg - Beat Beat Beat
6. Yung Berg - 100 Miles & Runnin
7. Yung Berg - My Angel
8. Yung Berg - M.O.E.
9. Yung Berg - Get It In
10. Yung Berg - Karma
11. Yung Berg - Put It On Me
12. Yung Berg - If You Want It
13. Yung Berg - Cap 1 Freestyle
14. Yung Berg - She Lookin @ Me
15. Yung Berg - Why They Hate Me
16. Yung Berg - Up
17. Yung Berg - She Bad
18. Yung Berg - She Gets Down
19. Yung Berg - Get The Fuck From Around Me
20. Yung Berg - Lovely Day
21. Yung Berg - Imma Yung Boss
22. Yung Berg - Your The One
23. Yung Berg - YB

Well, he talked about it with RealTalkNY a few days ago and here it is.

Click here

"Now we can settle this like we got some class...or we can get into some gangsta sh*t..."

Ok, I know this is coming out of left field, but last night I happened to be watching The Mack on B.E.T. This is probably the fifth time I've seen this movie and it's just as good as the first time I saw it in 1998. For those who have never seen this film, it happens to be one of the marquee releases in African American cinema. Ok, I know the content of the movie isn't the most positive, but you can't deny that this film is a classic.

So many songs, classic catchphrases and mannerisms have come from this movie. Not to mention, it had arguably the greatest soundtrack of all time (closely followed by the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack...YES, I SAID IT). Willie Hutch went IN...no better way to put it. You will hear his classic track, "I Choose You", which has been sampled for Project Pat's "I Choose You", Cam'ron had a song over this instrumental a few years back and most notably UGK & Outkast's now classic collaboration, "International Player's Anthem" (R.I.P. Pimp Chad). Hopefully, a few of you will go out and watch the movie after this...but if you don't, at least I tried.

Joe Budden Responds to Royce Da 5'9

Loud.com, the same site who interviewed Royce Da 5'9 not too long ago, caught up with Joe Budden to give his side of the story. Like Royce, Budden says that he doesn't have a personal problem with him, but will "bring it" if need be. Bar Exam 2 is defintely a great record, but, personally, I cannot wait much long for the Halfway House mixtape.

Below is the second part of the interview...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lil Duval In Depth Interview With R. Kelly

Lil' Duval sits down with R. Kelly in this HILARIOUS interview.

Bonus video: T.I. behind the scenes of the "What Up, What's Happenin'" video. Who said he can't go to Bankhead? Click here for the proof...

New Exclusives 9/19

Termanology feat. Prodigy--Hood Sh*t
**prod. by The Alchemist...off "Politics As Usual"**

Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia--I'm His Only Woman

Murs feat. Snoop Dogg & LeToya Williams--Time Is Now

Jo StunnAH--Off Edge

Robin Thicke feat. Wale & Mary J. Blige--Magic (Mark Ronson remix)
**I don't think there can be a bad version of this song**

Asia Cruise feat. Yung Joc--Swagger

Pleasure P--Under

Trey Songz--Misunderstood
**Another new Trey track...this time over the Wayne beat**


John Legend feat. Andre 3000 & Rick Ross--Green Light (remix)

**Ross shouts out all the DJ's...except Vlad LOL**

DJ Haze Presents Jay-Z & The Game: The Best of Both Coasts

1. Beef
2. Stuntin
3. Hit The Block
4. 99 Problems
5. Drop Tops
6. B-Millie (Feat. Lil Wayne)
7. Bws Magic
8. Put You On
9. Success (Feat. Nas)
10. The Bounce
11. My Life (Feat. Lil Wayne)
12. Hit The Block (Instrumental)
13. B-Millie (Instrumental)
14. The Bounce (Instrumental)
15. My Life (Instrumental)

Click here