Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Return of the Mack

No, really I feel I like Mark Morrison on some return of the mack type stuff right now. Been really busy working on the site + I'm finding out that trying to get a job is a actual job in itself.

I've decided to go southpaw and not concentrate on the application process so much but utilize the professional network I already have. That being said, a 20min phone conversation w/ a colleague of mine(senior recruiter) and two pages of notes later(a few dir. of buis dev. contact infos) , I can say I'm on the right path for 2009 with several positions I applied for. It doesn't stop there. I've got a few other positions I need to do the same for. I'm somewhat connected. Looking for a job? I suggested you do the same because someone you know knows at least something about a open position somewhere.

All of my friends say the same thing, "2009 is my year". Hopefully, the economy will be better, so it can be everyones year. Corny??? Working hard should pay off and not pay under. With that said congrats to the December graduates.

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